Our Saga

When Mister Finnigus was born I kind of went into panic mode: How do I dad…? What to expect…? How to make myself useful…? One of the few things I was able to decide on was that I needed ways to document the journey and share not only my experiences but the things I learn along the way. And so, this website was also born.

As a result of those brainstorms, I also went a little introspective regarding the world at large, the world in which Mister Finnigus would grow up, and — for better and for worse — the impact I was having on it.

During the various lock downs of Covid-19, I found that I had extra time on my hands and wanted to dedicate some of it to creating actionable solutions for any like-minded individuals out there concerned about the unintended consequences of the daily grind.

With my close proximity to and contacts in China and in SEA, I decided to put that network to good use and allow my 😈-ness for the environment to take shape in the form of hawking guilt-free products; geared towards sustainability efforts and support for climate-change projects worldwide. You’re welcome.

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