let's play borderlands again, this time my dad does not approve of sledge's safehouse

Let’s Play Borderlands Again w/ Dad, Episode 2: The Sequel

In this Let’s Play Borderlands … Again … Dad forgets how to move using the mouse and we decided to help out some stranded miners. It started off pretty hilariously, with him sending me a litany of steam DMs, mostly documenting his complaints and frustrations. Check it out in the following section below.

Round 2: Let’s play Borderlands Again

After I get him back in the saddle, we set off to complete a few side quests to boost our levels up. Eventually we return to the main quest line — Sledge’s Safehouse — Where we find ourselves constantly low on ammunition and contending with re-spawns. I guess our dungeon crawl strategy is a little on the slow side.

I’m all for speed runs, but our weapons just don’t seem strong enough. We’re going to need to purchase some upgrades, and those bullet storage modifiers are looking pretty appetizing now. After all the dying we did in this play-through though… I think we’ll be struggling to afford them.

Troubleshooting in ad nauseam

I did attempt to troubleshoot his microphone issues. I found that the man has been plugging the AUX output of his headset directly into the microphone input, no splitter in sight.

let's play borderlands again, this time with a microphone, else that's a paddlin'

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If you’d like to check out the previous video in the series, here’s the link.

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