Let’s Play Borderlands with Dad, Episode 1

I bought this game on Steam as a Father’s Day present for my Dad. I figured a Diablo / Mad Max / Sci Fi adventure would be right up his alley. For the most part I was right. Without further ado, let’s play Borderlands with Dad:

As I’ve mentioned before in this post here, good ol’ papa bear is notorious for his reactions and outbursts and seems to encounter every single possible issue in every game he plays. If you want to find all the bugs in your next action RPG, hire this man just to play it. I had to spend a few hours of troubleshooting just to get the game to running well enough to do a let’s play borderlands with Dad video (forced to replace a windows system file) — with him yelling and moaning the whole way — he’s not a tech savvy man. It’s not like he’s using a potato, I put him on my custom built machine.

Alas, I couldn’t get his microphone to work properly. This video spares you from his tourrettes-like outbursts, you’re welcome.

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Additional Info

Captured using the Windows Gamebar edited down from 2 hours of gameplay using Adobe Premiere Rush. I was pleasantly surprised by Gamebar’s ease of use and quality of capture. Rush, on the other hand, allows only three exports during the trial.

I’m undecided as to whether I’ll keep using Rush. It’s clearly not designed for precision editing. Rush does do a decent job dumbing down the process for a noob like me — I’ll give it some credit there — but I found myself fighting with the UI a lot. I know enough to be dangerous, and a positive here is that Rush foricbly kept me from doing anything complex. I had to keep things simple, and in the end I think that turned out to be for my benefit.

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