Baby Carrier Sling and Infant Wrap for Newborns and Children, 0 to 35 lbs


Keep your enemies close; keep your babies closer with this cotton baby carrier sling and infant wrap, it’s:
✅ Ergonomic;
✅ Stretchy;
✅ Easy to tie;
✅ Easy to breastfeed;
✅ Privacy shield for nursing parents;
✅ High quality and inexpensive.

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Stretchy and soft, this baby carrier sling and infant wrap is just like the ideal dad-bod, and it’s perfect for the first 3 months of dad-hood. Bond with your little one while keeping your hands free for more important activities like swordplay or chainsawing.

Easy to tie and easy to breastfeed in. Don’t let something as binary as manhood knock the milk train off the rails. Anything with nipples can be milked, isn’t that right Greg?

Ideal cover and privacy shield for nursing parents. Keep those judging eyes on the size of your bulge where they belong and keep your baby in this baby carrier sling where it belongs. We already established it’s possible to milk anything with nipples. What do you have against science?

95% Cotton, the Spandex retains shape and keeps from loosening or sagging. Re-adjustments can be made to nurse or to take baby out for a ride in the car. Just like your only pair of sweat pants, this sling stretches and supports you and whatever you wrap in it. No one said it has to carry a baby.

Cheaper than the Boba Wrap and made from the same high quality materials.

If you have a big baby like Mister Finnigus was, this 6-in-1 baby carrier became more comfortable to wear around 6 months.


Additional information

Carbon Offset

1% from every sale is donated to help our 🌎 combat the effects of climate change by offsetting the carbon impact of production, operations, and delivery.


Grey, Light Grey, Brown, Orange, Hot Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Deep Blue, Hemp Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Purple


95% Cotton, 5% Spandex


Width: 20", Length: 205"

Sourced From

🇨🇳 China


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